Paint Products

Bring home the Colors of the Philippines in any of these four Davies Paints variants, all suited to a particular surface in your home. Customize your ideal color through the Davies Color Factory, where you can choose from any of the four variants as a base for your perfect can of paint.
Davies Megacryl
Davies Megacryl is a premium 100% acrylic water-based interior and exterior paint recommended for stucco, masonry, plaster, bricks, hollow blocks, asbestos cement boards, gypsum boards, acoustic boards, bagasse boards, and properly primed wood and metal.
Davies Gloss-It (Oil-based)
Davies Gloss-it is an all-purpose synthetic enamel paint ideal for all types of wood and metal surfaces. It has highgloss, good color retention and outstanding durability. It dries fast without adversely affecting the film flow and ease of application. Gloss-it can be applied to both Decorative and Protective surfaces.
Davies Sun & Rain
Davies Sun & Rain Self-Priming Elastomeric Paint is a 100% acrylic waterproof coating for exterior concrete surfaces. It cures to form an elastic, flexible, seamless coating which adheres well to clean and well-prepares surfaces. It provides excellent weatherability protection against UV rays, resists water and atmospheric moisture and helps prevent peeling and cracking. It also covers hairline cracks and keeps them covered over time.
Davies Aqua Gloss-It (Water-based)
Davies Aqua Gloss-it is an acrylic water-based High Gloss Enamel which is low odour, pleasant to use and safer for homes, families and the environment. It is easy to apply and provides a smooth even finish on both interior and exterior wood and metal. The low odour formula means rooms can be used sooner. Wash brushes and rollers in water for faster clean-up time. Aqua Gloss-it White is non-yellowing.
Davies Color Factory

These paint products are supported by the Davies Color Factory. With the Davies Color Factory, the possibilites are endless. We’re sure to have a shade that’s just right for you and your lifestyle. Begin your color journey by selecting the paint you want for your home.